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Other Mixers

Peveril offer a comprehensive range of mixers which includes pan and planetary mixers, tilt drum mixers either hand fed or skip fed types, reverse drum mixers, mixers for rubber crumb.

A choice of electric, diesel or petrol driven models available depending on type and size of mixer.

a drum mixer

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OMG Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixing action powered by a motor on top of the mixer through a gearbox to at least 3 mixing paddles. These rotate on their own axis which is powered around the pan producing a very homogeneous mix quickly.

  • Covered by a lid with access ports and sealed hatch
  • Replaceable wear tiles
  • Hydraulic discharge door
  • Optional support frameworks available
  • Cement weigh hoppers
  • Powered loading skips and many other options

Sizes range from 250 to 4000 litre outputs. Please enquire for full specification.

an OMG planetary mixer

Economy Range of Pan Mixers

Peveril have a range of economy pan mixers ranging in size from 80 litre up to 300 litre input capacity. Typically the smaller mixers are powered by 230 volt 1ph motors and the larger models by 400volt 3ph electric motors.

All mixers have a mesh lid with a serrated bar for breaking cement bags and the lids are safety interlocked. Discharge is by means of a bottom segmental discharge door with a stout handle for opening and closing. The mixers are fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Our economy ranges provides good mixing results and are keenly priced. Contact our sales team now to discuss your requirements.

Optional Extras: Dustcover lid, Water tank, Static frames.

Range of Economy Pan Mixers

Hand-Fed Drum Mixers

Peveril can supply a range of hand fed drum type mixers with capacities ranging from 150 litres up to 500 litres. The mixers can be powered by a choice power units, electric (3ph or 1ph), Petrol or Diesel engines.

The drum is tilted by a hand wheel and can be locked into tilt position for feeding and tilted so product can be discharged into barrows etc.

A Hand-Fed Drum Mixer

Skip Fed Tilt Drum Mixers

This type of mixer is fed by a hydraulic powered loading skip which raises to discharge the ingredients into the mixing drum thus eliminating the need for manual lifting. The mixers are available in 350 litre and 500 litre input capacities with a choice of electric power drive or diesel engine. The hydraulics also operate the tilting of the drum for ease of operation.

Options include weighgear for measuring aggregates into the skip, water meters and dragline skip feed systems.

a reverse drum mixer

Reverse Drum Mixers

Reverse drum mixers are used when large batches of concrete are required. These come in capacities ranging from 400 litre up to 1200 litre input. The mixers are fitted with a hydraulic loading skip which feeds into a revolving drum for mixing and blending the cement and aggregate, when mixed, the concrete is discharged by reversing the revolving drum.

Optional Extras: Electrically powered dragline scrapers, water meters. Skip weigh scales.

a reverse drum mixer

Rubber Crumb Mixers

These are used for resinous rubber crumb mixing; the are available in both diesel or 3ph electric version from 56 litre up to 200 litre sizes.

Some are mounted on wheels whilst others are of a static version.

We manufacture several different widths of roller for smoothing the surface.

a rubber crumb mixer

Agricultural Pan mixer range

Peveril's Agricultural mixer range is also suitable for those needing to mix wet concrete. Our supply includes electric powered mixers from 400 litres to 1000 litres capacity.

Mixers are fitted with a mesh lid, bag breaker bar, manually operated segmental discharge door. Options include hydraulically operated discharge door, wear liner plates, switchgear, support framework, access platforms, hydraulic or PTO drive.

Agricultural Pan mixer range